Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where to put the Magnolia

Sunny but very windy and cold today, in the 40s.  Later in the afternoon the sun had warmed things up into the 50s or low 60s, but still very windy.

I transplanted the nasturtium and zinnia seedlings into individual pots.  Next time instead of sowing  them in flats and then transplanting, I'll just put individual seeds into the individual pots to start.  The nasturtium seeds are large, easily handled individually.
I removed the sod for the new magnolia, and fussed some more with the shape of the other gardens where the redbud and stewartia will go.  Big pile of dirt gets delivered tomorrow.  It's so hard to picture eventual mature sizes.

I'm especially confused with where to put the magnolia, and how to extend the plantings along the driveway.... don't know where to put them!  The Norway maple will get so large and dominate the foot of the driveway, so I don't want the magnolia too close, but where I've cut right now leaves a huge gap between the maturing maple and the spindly little magnolia.  It doesn't do anything to screen Olmstead's side of their house.  And yet .... their mature sizes will be so different.

The side of the driveway appears to be very well drained, the soil was dry and crumbly even after all our rain.  Good thing, magnolias do not like wet feet.