Sunday, April 11, 2010

No Dirt Today

Cool, sunny, low 60s.

Bluestone didn't show up today.  They were supposed to deliver a truckload of dirt, and had confirmed today, but no dirt.  I'm back to being frustrated about trying to get garden plans completed when dependent on landscaper commitments.  Sigh.

I did cut out the garden along the driveway around the spring witch hazel.  Jim helped.  There was so much sod to remove, and it's still too small, I need to expand it more.

Don't like the shape yet.  I didn't lay it out first, just started removing turf, and it's an odd shape.  More work to do, so maybe it's good the dirt didn't arrive yet.

This new garden will have the existing spring hazel, the moved witch hazel Diane to its left.  The Cornus mas will go behind the spring hazel, it will get taller (need to keep it limbed up).  Then the lacecap hydrangea to the right.  Nice combo, just need to get the garden size and shape finalized.