Monday, July 19, 2010

Ideas for Next Year

Hot and humid again, in the 80s.  Storms passed us by to the south and then again tonight to the north, so we got no rain even though it poured at the shore and in Enfield.

While it was cooler in the morning I did some weeding, which felt good.

I deadheaded the spent flowers of the groundcover sedums that are now right at the front of Meadow's Edge.  I like the structure of the seedheads on sedum, but from the distance of the patio, they just looked dry and brown.

Here are some ideas for redesign next year:
  • Move the Swiss Stone Pine to a spot between the new Elizabeth magnolia and the witch hazels along the driveway.  More mass along the line v. Olmsteads.  Good screen.  Will be a backdrop for the flowering witch hazels and magnolia.
  • Put a rosa glauca in where the stone pine was.  Vase shaped, to 6 feet.  Nice foliage color with the bright Ogon spirea and the blue globe spruce.  Pink contrast in summer with the flower, matching the purple coneflowers.
Hmmm.  Thinking. . . . .

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