Monday, July 26, 2010

New Garden

Wow, dry, very breezy, just beautiful.  Although it got up into the 80s, the air was nice and the strong constant breeze kept me cool as I cut the new garden in front of the dry creek bed.  But it was quite a job and every muscle aches.

This new space now has a viburnum prunifolium and lespedeza.  The idea is to bring that receding side of the Meadow's Edge garden to the forefront and make it tie more into the patio.  Might still need more work.  I want to limb up the viburnum so you can still see the garden beyond, and it gets some height as a small tree, in contrast to the willowy bush clover next to it.  Hopefully I can get it to single a trunk.

When I moved the viburnum from the spruce berm, it was a job!  The berm is bone dry and the viburnum had huge roots... in the end it got ripped out, most large deep roots left behind.  All the dirt fell off what was left of the roots I could cut... it all just fell off in a dusty cloud.  Aaaack.  So I planted what amounted to a hacked bare root shrub.

I really hope it will be okay.  Lots of water, and we'll see.  And getting the pot bound lespedeza roots untangled and separated was also a job!  What a root bound plant that was.  I couldn't cut through, just used the jet spray on the hose to try to make some inroads into the solid block of roots.  I really hope both of these manhandled shrubs makes it.

I'll underplant the kidney shaped bed with Persicaria afinis "Dimity" to match the plantings of that groundcover behind it in Meadow's Edge.  Ordered 15 on sale from Lazy S.

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