Friday, July 30, 2010

Spectacular Friday

After all the heat and humidity, and the complete lack of rain, we get a day like today.  70s, sunny, clear, lovely.  Dry.

Storms missed us again yesterday, just by a few miles.  I watered everything I could, including the newest of the plants on the back hill, especially the new spicebushes.  A nice pin oak that was growing so well is almost completely denuded now.

The dwarf butterfly bush in Northern Exposure that I thought would not bloom (the container one bloomed weeks ago) now has purple spikes!  Kind of a lot of purple with the geraniums next to it, but it's ok.

 I chopped back the floppy wild coreopsis in the back of the Birch Garden and it looks so much better now.  Moved a bright orange zinnia from the patio wall to Meadow's Edge... zinnias are so bold and colorful they add a lot to that back garden.  Plant more next year!

I love, love, love this cardinal flower.  I made some cuttings from stems that broke when I moved this to the front of Meadow's Edge.  Get more!  Do more cuttings for next year.  The red really is intense.

Changed the hummingbird feeders today.

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