Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tom was here

Hot and humid.  Twenty two days over 90 degrees this summer.  Only two were over 90 in 2009, and both of those hot days were in April.  What a contrast this year.

Tom was here from Sunday to Tuesday (he had a wedding in R.I. and then came here).  He was impressed with how much more landscaping there is now --- last time he saw the yard in summer was 2007, even before Meadow's Edge or the Birch Garden were installed.

But everything looked so tired and dry and poopy.  It's been such a tough summer, and it isn't even the dog days of August yet.

Lobelias are blooming, both Ruby Slippers at the patio wall and the red cardinal flower in the far Meadow's Edge.

The dwarf butterfly bush that I thought would not bloom is now in its full flush, and the buddleia Honeycomb out in the Birch Garden is tall and willowy, a nice anchor at the back of that garden even if the flowers are a little too pale to stand out.

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