Friday, August 6, 2010

A Little Rain

Yesterday was high 80s and humid, and finally storms rolled through to break the humidity.  It rained steady and hard for about 5 minutes, but all it amounted to was 2 tenths of an inch.  Nowhere near enough, but at least it softened the hard pack surface earth.

Today: windy, sunny, dry, in the 80s.  I watered what I could reach on the back hill, but the larger trees (big tuliptree, sweetgum, a pin oak) are dropping leaves.

I planted 15 Persicaria affinis Dimity under the Blackhaw viburnum and Lespedeza in the new "near" garden.  They should spread form the same clean green mat groundcover as in Meadow's Edge for repetition and continuity.  15 little plants seemed like a lot but they aren't!

I planted the Tardiva hydrangea in the new garden flanking the west walk.  As it grows to about 12 feet high, it will serve to be the frame at the end of the walk to highlight the maple tree in Meadow's Edge in the distance.
** Still need to extend the end of this new garden to catch the arc of the garden next to it.

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