Sunday, September 9, 2012

A sunny, cool Sunday

Thunderstorms and rain last night, and we got 7 tenths of an inch.  It was a gentle soaker.  Today is sparkling and sunny and quite cool, in the 70s.

I put the plastic mesh deer guards around the yard trees today, but still need to get to the trunks out in the meadow.  This time I just used a narrow cut of mesh, rolled it, and clipped it with little orchid clips. Easy, and easy to remove.

All the newer trees in the yard are now protected.

The gardens look great. Tardiva hydrangeas are blooming, and the canna really makes a statement.

Those orange Gleam nasturtiums have been going all summer.  I just can't believe it.  Usually they look tired by mid summer, but these have gone on and on.

The rose of Sharon has been blooming for weeks now.  Such a lovely pure white.

And more white, as the Immortality iris is in its final re-bloom now in the Birch Garden. It's a crystalline sugar white.

And look, a pink fall crocus -- colchicum -- is blooming very shyly, deep in the Birch Garden under the caryopteris.

And the tall sedum is blooming, with a tiny white moth visitor.