Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Sunny Porch

It's been very cool at night, in the 40s.  Then dry and sunny for the past couple days, in the 70s with a cool breeze. Perfect days.

You know what I really like?  The porch.  Since I made it over into a plant "conservatory" (well, sort of) it looks really good.  On sunny mornings it just lights up, and at certain angles it catches the plants and it all glows green.

Yesterday I planted three end of season 5 gallon trees that I got at Lowe's for $20 each.

I put a northern red oak out in the meadow on the east side, to block the view of the two houses below us.  And I put one at the east edge of the yard where the little Bosnian pine had been. Then I planted a red maple out in the meadow at the foot of the back hill.  I love planting trees.  Some day these will be big shady trees, especially the two red oaks!

Today I tackled moving the Karl Foerster grasses in Meadow's Edge garden.  Much better now.



Now I can see the lovely Ogon spirea, and it is a cleaner, neater look.  But there's a gap between the low fleeceflower groundcover and the taller shrubs at the back.  And when the camassias are done blooming next spring there is floppy foliage in that gap that needs something around it.

I'll need to put something about two feet tall in there.  What to put there??

I moved the grasses to the back of Meadow's Edge.  You can just see them at the far side.  I am hoping the late afternoon sun will catch the plumes there.