Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's On Now

We got an inch and a half of steady hard rain on Friday, and now Sunday, it is breezy and sunny and cool.

Here is what is on for fall right now.

The black gum in front is bright orangey copper.  It had only an inkling of color when we left for Syracuse for the weekend Friday, in the rain.  Came home Sunday to this.

The black gum in back by the dry creekbed is a deeper reddish brown, almost wine color. It too colored up just in the last day.

The flowering dogwood always looks rich and vivid.  It colored over the weekend.

Amsonia hubrichtii is not as neon yellow as in other years, but still a decent, clear gold.

For the first time ever, there are leaves on the white birches, and over the past day they have turned golden. Not the twinkling clear yellow I have seen on wild birch trees, but it is so nice to have any color on these trees.  The fungal spraying worked to keep them from defoliating this season.

The newest Clethra 'Ruby Spice', just planted this year, has lovely color now, but 'Hummingbird' never got its nice yellow color this year.  It looks like a heap of brown rubble.  This one, on the right of the berm, never has very good form.

Gooseneck loosestrife, in pots behind the yellowroot, turned coppery this weekend. And the yellowroot itself is a muted copper color.

So much changed so quickly this weekend! But there is more to come.  The maples in the yard are only just now coloring up. and will turn vivd red in a few weeks.