Monday, April 1, 2013

Too Early

It's too soon for this.

A tick, embedded on my upper stomach when I came in from working on the back hill today.

It has been in the 20s and 30s overnight, no higher, and the days have not often gotten into the high 50s. One of the advantages to scrabbling around in the underbrush in March and April is that you can work out there in the cold without worrying about ticks.


I had on socks, long sleeves, long pants, a tight fitting camisole under my shirt which was tucked into my pants. And yet the tick was on me, under the camisole. I found it in the shower. Of course I had to check everywhere, all over. This is way too early to be worrying about ticks.

I spent the morning weeding the Drive By Garden, hands and knees work, pulling by hand.  The globe onions I transplanted from the patio are peeking up.

Then I fertilized some of the trees on the back hill, especially the male American holly and the white pines, which were looking a little yellow.

Rain moved in this afternoon.

I put out the small glass hummingbird feeder to attract the early scouts. I got a larger one at Moscarillo's and will hang that as the season gets underway.