Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Reversal

Complete reversal in comfort levels outside. After whining and complaining all month about the cold, today was warm and still and sunny. 72 degrees! It was a perfect day, just a day after I bitched about the cold yesterday.

Forsythia all over town is in full bloom finally. Here is ours at the road cut. I like the undulating form, but the cuttings I made to extend it further to the right haven't really taken yet.

I planted the rest of the blueberries out in the meadow today, and it was -- can you believe this -- hot work.

The Carex Ice Dance was looking mop headed and messy, although all winter it had looked good. With nothing else greening up much yet, all I could see were the messy mounds of carex.

I probably should not be cutting it at this point in late April (it's blooming already), but I don't think any harm was done. As I got close in I could tell each clump is sending out offsets and spreading. I'll have to dig them and keep this carex under control. Already it is looking a little over eager. Some say it is rampant.

Much neater now.

I love the three new steppers I got and plunked in Meadow's Edge where I walk.

And the Ogon spirea is opening up and blooming above the lush foliage of the camassias.

I planted lettuce today in the big bowl along with some pansies.

All of a sudden the juniper under the birch tree looks terrible, with brown branches underneath.

I got the pruners out and cut away the brown branches. I hope it's okay.

The forecast for the rest of the week is for nice temperatures, not as warm as today, but nice.