Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Like A Winter Day

Really. It is 44 degrees at mid-day and it feels like being outside on a winter day.

I have looked forward to working in cool weather to plant and dig holes, and get work done before it gets too hot. But this just feels raw. My hands are freezing as I work in the cold soil with just gardening gloves on.

Sunday was sunny and cold, yesterday was cloudy and cold, today is gloomy-gray and cold.

I do go out and work, but then I come in for lunch and can't motivate to go back out again!

I planted a couple of the six blueberries from the conservation district sale. It turns out the "set of three" that they sold included three different types -- an early, a mid and a late season variety.  And I got two sets, since they gave me three extras.

Northland is an early blueberry and it is the most cold hardy. It is a slow grower, and is actually a half-high type that will get only 4 feet tall. It has small, dark fruit and it is described as having a wild berry taste. Fall foliage is orange and the stems in winter are reddish.

Berkeley is a midseason blueberry and the fruit is mild. The berries are described as light powder blue. The shrubs are rounded and get to about 6 feet tall. Good fall color and the twigs are yellow in winter.

Darrow is a late blueberry, and the berries are the largest of all cultivars (they say even to the size of a half dollar?) The fruit is delightfully tart. In the north they don't produce very heavily, but the huge size of each berry makes up for that. These also get to about 6 feet tall, and are upright.

I really only wanted to plant these blueberries in the meadow for their bushy habit and fall color. The birds can have the berries, but now I'm looking forward to harvesting some!

The lawn loves all this chill weather, and the grass is thick and green all of a sudden. The first mowing was yesterday. (The John Deere is laid up, and can't go in to the repair shop until the beginning of May, and then it will take two weeks! So Jim can't mow. We have had to hire Dynamic. Jane did a good job yesterday.)