Saturday, April 27, 2013

April Ends Mild and Dry

Some nice days, in the low 70s. It's been dry, and we do need rain.

I putter, I dig some more edges out, I move dirt. No real plan, but lovely days getting stuff done. I built a little wall under the Bloodgood maple. Doesn't look like much, made of rocks dug from the yard, but here it is. The bergenia under the maple looks so awful in spring.

I moved the green plastic compost tumbler to the side of the deck, and I hope that makes it easier to use in winter, and that we'll actually take the kitchen scraps out to it more frequently. There is a hose right there so I can keep it moist. It's not attractive there, but at least it fits in the little ell by the stairs.

Epimediums are blooming.

Acer palmatum Orange Dream is dreaming. And very orange in spring.

Magnolia Elizabeth is opening, but only below, not at the upper branches yet.

The climbing hydrangea is climbing, and has finally reached the pergola.

The Blackhaw viburnum outside the bathroom window has finally reached tree size and I have it pruned into kind of a nice shape. With the grasses removed the a/c units are so obvious, but they don't really bother me as a walk down the path.

The little green buns at the foot of the blackhaw are the new alchemilla mollis I just planted. They'll spread.

The smokebush is late to leaf out. Right now it looks like dead stubs, but it will gow rapidly once May comes. But not a good early spring look.

In addition to the smokebush, other things that look dead right now because they are late to leaf out:
Winterberry hollies in Meadow's Edge.
St. Johnswort (I actually may have lost the new one in Meadow's Edge)
Persimmon trees out in the meadow
All the Rhus aromaticas in the Drive By garden.
All the black gums
And of course the Rose of Sharon and clethra