Monday, April 29, 2013

Red Map

I don't like seeing the red color on this map. It means that precipitation for Connecticut is 50% of normal. April has been very dry.

It hasn't rained a drop in the 5 days since this map was published, and there is no rain in the forecast.

I have been watering anything new that I just planted -- the American hornbeams, the blueberries, my new parrotia and styrax and even the day lilies and alcehmillas. But the year old trees, like my Forest Pansy redbud and the American holly need water too.

And the yellowroot and buckeyes don't like such a dry spring.

The reason spring looks so tentative here is not that we've had such cold weather -- it was cool in early April but is warm and seasonable now.  It's the dry conditions that are holding back the leaves and flowering. At 50% of normal, nothing wants to open up and nothing looks lush.

The grass is very green, though.