Friday, April 5, 2013

Chevron Garden

Yesterday and today were beautiful days. The wind finally died, the temperatures were cool in the morning but up to 60 degrees in the afternoon, and there was sunshine. Oh my.

I spent both days outside edging, digging a new garden strip, edging some more, expanding garden areas, removing sod ... achy body!  Good feeling!

Here's the new strip Jim and I dug out. He helped me with it and it was hard work. It's a chevron shape that will be filled with Hemerocallis fulva, the common ditch lily. Just a narrow strip with tiger lilies in a row, angling out on either side of the birch tree.

You can't see the yellow blooms on the Cornus mas in front here. They are all over the little tree, but not visible yet.

I did not want the prettier, showier hybrid day lilies. This defines the back edge of our space, the meadow is beyond, and I wanted something natural to make the transition. Showy flowers are in the round bed in front. This chevron cradles the back arc of that garden and I really like it.

Plus I just love July's tiger lilies. They don't bloom long and the foliage is awful after, but they make me so happy. A pop of orange in early July in this far garden strip is what I want, then it can fade into the background for the rest of the summer.  The garden in front is the real show.

Common daylilies can spread rampantly. But we will be mowing on either side of this area and that should keep them in check.

I do like how it defines the back corner.

We will get a delivery of soil from Envirocycle on Tuesday - 3 yards - and we'll fill the strip.

I spent the rest of the days edging several gardens, fixing their shapes, expanding some areas, and you would not believe how much sod gets taken out with that work.

I dug several redtwig dogwood rooted runners today to give to Cheryl. It was not as easy as I thought it would be to find young runners that were easy to dig, but I got several dug and potted for her.

I added some lime to the clematises today. Buds are showing.

Now, late in the day the wind is kicking up again, but the light is beautiful, I can see progress on some of the harder digging tasks in the yard, I have a glass of wine, and my body is tired.
: )