Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Pooped

Despite another day of bitter wind, I put on my parka, a hat and gloves and went outside to chop out edges of the gardens where we need to neaten up and where we also need to expand areas.

It wasn't as bad as yesterday and by afternoon it was ok. Cold, blustery, in the low 40s, but ok. I expanded the area under the first birch, and edged the entire Birch Garden. It was four wheelbarrow carts of sod, dumped on the back hill.

So much more to do. Both of the other two birches need a lot of expansion to tie them to the Birch Garden area. And all the other gardens need edging.

I also took every last brown leaf off the witch hazels, by hand. They look so much better now!

Doesn't the Angelina sedum look spectacular? It's a bright, rich gold. This is its season.

It just pops from afar and brightens everything up. Both heaths have a smattering of pink flowers, but not much to look at yet. Maybe they will bloom more fully in a day?

The cornelian cherry in back has opened its bright yellow buds, but it's not quite full yet. You can't see any blooms from the house, but maybe in another day or two we will. The Dawn viburnum is opening too, but I detect no fragrance. The pink blossoms are not quite fully open.

I also fussed with adding a bluestone step at the entrance to the new arbor. I moved the one from the patio opening all the way over to the arbor (heavy lifting even using the hand cart!) but it was a different size and didn't work. We'll have to buy a new stone the same size as the other two. So then I carted the stone back to the patio and reset it. Ooomph.

Now I'm pooped. Really pooped. It was a full day of physical work in the cold wind. But it kept my mind off both boys' troubles --- my heart aches for both of them as they work out their relationships and deal with separations and lost loves.  sigh.