Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cold Tears

Today is cold and windy, the kind of day where being outside makes your nose run and your eyes tear up. It was in the 20s overnight, and at midday in the 30s, with a bitter bite to the wind.

Chris from Bartlett came today. The problem with the funny crooked leader on the spruce in back is due to prior damage from white pine weevils. They affect the top branches of spruces, not just white pines. In fact, all of the spruces on the berm have top growth problems because of pine weevil damage.

He sprayed for it today, but the lingering effect is that the leader on these trees gets distorted and overtaken by side branches, which need to be pruned.

Jim and I can do some work with the pole pruner, but Chris carefully explained exactly how to subordinate all the side branches, and I think it is too much to try to do with a pole pruner. You need to be up on a ladder to see what needs doing. Not us.

So I e-mailed Mike to ask Bartlett to come out with their tall ladders and do the pruning.

Just walking around the yard with Chris my eyes were watering from the cold wind, and tears were running down my cheeks. Wow, it was cold out.