Saturday, April 20, 2013


Rain came through last night  and we got 4 tenths of an inch, a nice soak.

Today was cool, in the 60s with a chilly breeze. Spring wants to arrive, but it is still cold.

I got three carpinus carolinianas, a gray dogwood and highbush blueberries from the North Central Conservation District today. I picked them up at Auer Farm. Nice container specimens.

The three blue beeches were planted out by the road cut, to form a little grove. Nothing to show yet, just sticks in the ground.

Then I was faced with some conundrums:
1. The gray dogwood was to go at the top of the ridge by the road where the others had been planted years ago. When I looked up there I found multiple suckers -- the dogwood is forming the big thicket that I wanted for screening. I don't think I need to plant this container dogwood there, but where to put it? 
I dithered most of the afternoon trying to figure out where to put this good sized cornus racemosa. 
2. The other conundrum was where to plant the blueberries I got. I ordered three highbush blueberries to go out in the meadow. But they gave me six! When I went back to return the extras, after I had gotten home and checked my original order, they told me to keep them. So now I have to figure out where to put six highbush blueberries. 
Epimediums are starting to bloom. The camassias are all up and ready to flower soon.

I potted all the seedlings of the Black Beauty dahlia.

The winter honeysuckle doesn't look like much, but it has such a sweet, tropical, but delicate scent. I love walking by it at the end of the dry creek bed. I can't wait for this big shrub to mature in the coming years.

It really smells heavenly.