Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dramatic Change

Sunday was bitter and cold, Monday was delightful and pleasant, and today, Tuesday, was too warm! I kid you not. It was in the 70s today and I got hot and tired working outside. What a change.

There was lots to do.

On Monday we took a ride down to Broken Arrow and I picked up a Parrotia 'Vanessa', a Styrax japonicus fargesii, a new St. Johnswort, and a zenobia, although it is not the blue-cast variety that I already have.
The new Styrax to shade the gravel seating area
The new Parrotia at the back edge of the Drive By Garden
Either the St. Johnswort or the zenobia will go where the (dead?) rosemary is now.

I also got one more Tide Hill boxwood to complete the row in the gravel garden.

Today, in warm sunshine I planted the trees and the boxwood. I'll hold off planting the shrubs for now.

I edged some more around the front, and more of the Drive By Garden. I moved the most forward camassias in Meadow's Edge, and divided them at the same time. This is not the right time to do that, just as they emerge and before bloom, but I did it anyway. It was just a few that were in the wrong spot.

And . . . we got 3 yards of soil + compost delivered this morning. After planting and edging and moving a few things around, I was too tired to shovel and spread the dirt where it is needed. And too hot, amazingly.

I don't know if it is the sudden warmth, but I had no energy by the afternoon. Nada. Pffft.

But what a lovely day to sit outside and look at my new (dormant) trees!

We need rain. It's surprising how quickly we went from the sogginess of March to a dry April. The soil is dusty. Some rain is expected tonight.