Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Energy

Another couple of windy cool days, with unsettled clouds and the occasional brief spitting rain. It got into the mid 60s today, but felt chilly and damp.

I am worn out. I am actually getting stuff done in this cool weather, but I thought I'd be more energized. I usually love to putter and dig and then come in after a whole day outside -- what a wonderful feeling. But not these past weeks.

The wind wears me out, and I have no energy.

I have to remember I am 63 years old and I am shoveling and moving dirt by hand in a garden cart. But I miss the excitement, I am very tired, and every day looks gloomy in this gray cold spring.

But here's what I got done:
Cut back multiflora roses in the meadow on the east side, and painted the stems with Brush B Gone. It's kind of delicate, slow work, being careful to get each stem and spill nothing. 
Moved one of the white pines from the meadow over to the east side to screen the two houses below. It's going to be too close to the red oak there, but. 
Moved the struggling persimmon from the road cut where it was too shady, out into the middle of the back meadow. The roots were pretty deep, actually, and I ended up ripping them right off. Poor thing. Will it make it in the new spot?
Dug and cleared three holes for the blue beech grove at the road cut, and hauled several cartloads of soil + compost out there. I'll pick the little trees up this Saturday.
Added some soil + compost to a couple of low spots in the gardens, and also around the sassafras on the hill.

Then I dragged sheets of cardboard and a tarp out the the compost windrow, where the rest of the soil + compost will eventually be carted. I'll store it there under another tarp for later use. There's about a yard or maybe more left.
It is a lot to accomplish, but it doesn't seem like it. And so much more edging yet to do . . .

I just got no energy.