Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reluctant Spring

Another chilly, cloudy, windy day. It only got to 50 today. I waited all morning for the temperature to get up to the mid 40s to go outside, and then, when I put on my garden pants and headed outdoors, it was spitting rain.

But it stopped. I did get outside to get some cool weather chores done, but the chill and wind was uncomfortable.

It has been such a reluctant spring. There have been a few nicer days, but mostly it has been cold and dank, or bitter and windy, or chilly and rainy (we got 6 tenths of an inch a day ago.)

The forsythia just doesn't want to bloom. They should have been bright yellow out by the road cut a week ago. They are barely noticeable now, at mid-April. But look how green the grass has become!

There are blooms on some early shrubs and a few daffodils are up, but nothing looks like much. The winter honeysuckle is blooming on twiggy stems, and the fragrance is wonderful, very sweet but not overpowering. I spent some time by the dry creek bed just to smell it.

Golden Peep forsythia is reluctantly opening, but not fully blooming yet. Half of it has died back on the left.

The tiny pieris Valley Valentine has its gorgeous dangly blooms, but when you step back you see it is still just a foot high, with only a few blooms and yellow leaves.

Dawn viburnum is blooming. No fragrance that I can detect. It turns out that the pink flowers will be open when the pieris shows its pink blossoms, and when the yellow forsythia opens. All at once.  Should be colorful and springlike when these plants start to mature.

Anyway, despite the slow, timid spring, I got some things done over the past couple days.

I added 8 cartloads of soil + compost (ooof) to the new chevron garden, then planted the day lilies. I put 10 in -- 5 on either side, which will soon fill in, then put two more up in the rocky scree on the back hill where the lupines are. I bet they take off up there, which is ok.

I potted the Jelly Bean blueberries in two large containers. Love these! Jelly beans!

I planted the Niobe clematis under one of the Austrian pines, and will try to get it to climb up the pine.

I took out the clumps that remained of the liriope. It's a tenacious plant and hard to remove, but the soil was pretty wet and I got them out. I tried so hard to grow a long line of them along the front of Meadow's Edge, and bought so many. But they never did well, they look awful in spring, and what was left was random and unattractive in front. Gone now.

I weeded, I cut some roses back and lopped off some bittersweet on the hill (losing battle).

And I organized my new shed!

Neat, huh?