Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Was Not so Easy

Cool today, in the 50s and damp. A rain soaker coming tomorrow, and we got another quarter of an inch overnight last night.

Well, we put it together and I now have a shed by the potting bench.

This was not at all easy to assemble.

Jim did a great job, but the instructions were very frustrating and unclear, the quality is chintzy. and nothing was plumb or fit together. It's a shed, not fine furniture, but I expected more for the price.

It does not seem very watertight, although I can caulk where needed perhaps. There is a gap at the top of the doors where they meet. The overhang will direct water off it, but I may try to put something there too. I like that the hinged lid lifts up to get at shovels, and the front doors open to get at bags of things on the floor inside.

The idea is to keep gloves, and pruners, and boxes of twist ties, and the mini-tarps and things that need to stay out of the rain in here. Right now I have to walk back and forth all the way around the house to the garage to get any small item, or my gloves, or tools.

The shovels fit angled into the corner. I'll add some shelves and baskets.

It smells wonderfully of cedar. The color will turn silvery by the end of the summer.

With some pots of flowers nearby, and my potting bench used now for empty pots and watering cans, it will look nice. And by the time I add shelves and hooks and baskets and clippy things inside, it will be sooooo functional.

In other news of the day, I dug holes.

I have three sweet birches coming and three blue beeches, and a hop hormbeam, all of which will go out in the meadow. The day was cool, the soil is moist, so I did the clearing and digging and hauling fresh dirt to each spot today. Then, when the trees come I can concentrate on planting.

I got four holes cleared from the still dormant weeds, and dug them out and hauled some of the soil + compost to them (actually I dug five, but I changed my mind about a spot in the middle of the flat meadow. Too wet, soil was very heavy and I didn't like the placement).

Three more to dig out by the road cut and then I'll wait for the trees to arrive!