Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Morning Walk

Unbelievably, the temperature was 51 degrees when I woke up this morning. The past few days have been spectacular and cool, chilly at night and refreshing during the day.

Bees asleep on the clethra in early morning
It's August! How can we be having such delightful weather -- and for days now?  Yesterday was a top 10. It was the perfect balance of warm sunshine and crisp breeze. It never got above 75 degrees.

I don't know if it's the cool, still air in the morning, or the two Advil I take when I wake up, or if the gardens have just matured to a nice level of interest finally, but when I walk around before breakfast everything is so perfectly beautiful.

I put my high rubber boots on and spend a long time walking the dew-wet paths in the meadow checking on things, and I find much to interest me. 

Early sun makes a scene of Queen Anne's Lace all sparkly. New weeds I haven't seen before catch my eye. The usual thugs are doing their thing and my saplings surprise me with their growth. It is all still an overgrown weedy mess, but it actually looks good. 

I love the paths Jim cuts for me -- they are no longer a utilitarian scar in the meadow to get to things, the paths now are inviting and intriguing and I walk them slowly with my cup of coffee as I would wander the walkways of an arboretum. Yes, really.

I just admire what I see. It has to be partly a result of the Advil. I always get a sense of well being when I take it, not euphoria and not just pain relief, but a noticeable aaaah of serenity. Everything looks balanced and nice. 
The clethra is spicily fragrant and so pretty

But it also has to be the gardens and meadow in maturity. They simply look wonderful. Better than I could have imagined as I looked at them over the past few years in their developing, unsatisfying forms. Now much has filled in. 

There is shade and sun and dappled light, rather than just open space. The saplings have height now and many tower over me. The flower gardens are colorful and lush. The overall design is no longer emerging, it is present and visible and pleasing.
A weedy mess, but somehow pleasing in the early sunshine

It also has to be this weather. So still and settled in the morning. So crisp. Dewy. Everything, even the noxious weeds, looks healthy from all the rain we've had this year.

Everything looks good. The cardinal flower has made a big stand this year, with many more yet to bloom.

The anemone is blooming beautifully. Love those silvery buds.

Background shrubs, like the bayberry at the back of Meadow's Edge, are suddenly big lush plants with some height and presence.

This is the time of year when the bush clover, lespedeza, looks its best. Early in the season it is just re-emerging from the roots, and later in the season when it is blooming it can be a haystack sort of shape, but right now it is just right.

And the clethra, which looks so awful all winter and spring, and even into early summer. Finally in mid summer it becomes a pretty shrub. The smaller white one is Hummingbird and the pink is Ruby Spice. So lovely.