Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sense of Accomplishment

Another beautiful fall day. In the low 70s, still and sunny.

How much I am getting done! So far, since late August I have built a stone wall, moved the fothergillas in the gravel garden, expanded the east side border, built a stone edging wall there, planted new abelias, mukdenias, and now the dwarf deutzias.

I planted the three I had ordered from Lazy S and the two I had potted up from my own plants. But in the end I could have filled this whole area with layered cuttings from my mature Nikko deutzia gracilis plants nearby. There were many rooted cuttings to be had -- just dig them up and transplant! So I added several from my own plants and eventually they will fill this area as a mounding groundcover.

They will take several years. They are not fast growing, but when they fill in, they are dense and smother all weeds.

This east side has been a challenge from the beginning. All I want to do is hide the black waterproofing along the foundation (and bits of orange insulation that stick up too, and the black hose that runs along the house).

But every solution has been trouble. The area immediately slopes away steeply, and I need a lot of fill to grade this border up to cover the black waterrproofing. Added dirt and mulch just melt into the ground and never cover enough.

But this time I think the arching, foot tall deutzia will at least be tall enough to hide that edge of the foundation. And with the wider, stone edged border now, I was able to add 4 cartloads of soil to bring the level up a little more.

I think this looks more proportional and when the deutzia fills in it will hide what I want it to cover.

Now, here is what I still have left to do:
  • Plant 100 Whiteflower Farm daffodil bulbs on the back hill
  • Take out the Pink Parasols spirea that is crowding the Rose of Sharon -- you can see it here, not adding anything, and hiding the nice brick wall.
  • Move the carpet roses to that empty area, under the side of the deck.  
The roses reach out over the walk and are getting bigger and bigger. I prune them every week, and can't really keep them from eating the walkway. They need to be moved.
  • Move the rosa glauca to the dry creek bed.
  • Move the Swiss Stone pine to Drive By garden (where the rosa glauca is now)
  • Plant the additional rhus aromaticas (4) in Drive By garden.
  • Move the large rhus aromatica that is crowding the doublefile viburnum.
So much to do yet, but what a sense of accomplishment already.

Here are some happy pictures to end with today:

Nice. Really nice.