Monday, October 28, 2013


Last night we had a fire in the fire pit and sat around it drinking ice wine. A delightful little bit of camping. Wish we had marshmallows.

It was really very nice. But cold. It was 41 degrees and the small fire gave off little heat.

By the time we went in, I was pretty chilled, and my hair and clothes smelled like smoke. Still smelled like smoke today! But it was a beautiful evening interlude by the fire.

This morning another frost covered everything again.

Today Jim put all the outside furniture away for the season.

I watered, at least what I could of the newest trees I had planted this season, and the new little shrubs just planted. Everything is so dry.  It's been three weeks without a drop, and everything is going into winter thirsty.

While the plants look fine now, if the roots are not well watered for winter, trees and shrubs can be susceptible to drying winds that may cause damage to buds next spring. That has me worried. I can't really soak the larger things very well, and can only hand water the smaller, new plants.

The blackhaw viburnum by the bathroom window is coloring, a subtle, light red. It's the first time I have seen fall color to speak of. And it has dark blue berries for the first time too.

The blackhaw out in the open in the blueberry garden has not really colored, and the frost has now turned its leaves brown.

It was cold, but perfect today to do the kind of work that needs cooler weather, so I dug out some edges to expand where plants had spread over the border's edge. A good day for that. It's easier to edge in the fall when I can see the full spread of plants and what needs expanding, rather than in the spring when all the plants are still small.

The soil was dry as a bone, of course. But the little bit of edging was easy enough to do.

Winter is on its way, but don't tell the happy mums.