Friday, October 25, 2013


Cold air came swooping in last night and the wind came blustering in with it.

The temperature was 31 this morning, but there did not seem to be any frost and no tender plants were hurt. I think the gusty wind kept the frost away. It barely made it to 50 degrees this afternoon, although the sun was out all day.

I need to wait for a killing frost and then give the Black Beauty dahlias a week after that to ripen before digging them up. One is still blooming gamely in front of the Blue Ice amsonias that are just now lightening up.

In the early mornings, with the golden October light, the buckeyes are beautiful. They glow.

The Sheffield pink mums are looking nice now all around the gravel garden.

The Henryi clematis in front carries on with its late season re-bloom.

The hubrichtii ammonia is turning. I wonder if it will be the startling bright yellow that it was in 2010, or if this softer green gold is its typical fall color.

This was an indoor day. The wind and whoosh of sudden cold were too much.

Here are a couple nice views of the yard. The sourwood shining behind the umbrella really has turned that pink.