Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Whiff

It's still hot and sunny and dry, but this morning the air was a little fresher and nice for a walk around the yard. I do wish it would rain.

Twice this summer I have caught a scent from the sweetbay magnolia blossoms outside the bedroom window.

Once was on a humid night a week ago. The window was open and as I passed by there was a distinct perfume in the air. Not lemony, as the sweetbay's scent is advertised to be, but heavy and seductive and magnolia-like.

A couple nights ago I smelled it again as I walked around the curve of the pathway and under the magnolia. Again it was a humid night. It was just a hint in passing, but it smelled like expensive perfume.

I have ranted on and on about how my Magnolia virginiana has no fragrance. I planted it seven years ago and it bloomed early, but never smelled like anything. I wrote posts about it on my main blog, and have complained to anyone who would listen that plant breeders have taken all the fragrance out of new cultivars.

But there it was. Distinct, not at all light or lemony, and hard to detect again after the first whiff or two.

After all this time, what a tease.

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