Sunday, July 13, 2014

Green Peppers

Still warm and summery and no rain.

I really like this bushy perennial with its white and green leaves that smell like green peppers when you touch the foliage.

This is caryopteris divaricata 'Snow Fairy', not to be confused with the woody subshrub caryopteris clandonensis, which is called blue mist shrub. This herbaceous caryopteris is a totally different thing, somehow related, but I'd never guess it.

The flowers are insignificant -- I think it had little blue flowers earlier in the year, but I don't remember. It's grown for the foliage, and what a bright, clear, tidy look it provides along the west walk.

It has what people describe as stinky foliage, but I think it smells fresh, like a green pepper just sliced. Sharp but interesting.

Speaking of green peppers, my two container plants on the deck are popping out green peppers galore. I bought two bell pepper starts at Lowe's in spring, one green, one yellow. They are both green.
Look at that smiling face in profile on the middle pepper! Why do vegetables always look like funny people?

And I have carrots, but they are still little. I pull one every few days as I see the shoulders emerging from the soil in the pot, but there is just one pot with only a dozen carrots in it, and the more I pull that aren't ready yet, the fewer mature carrots I'll have.

The two pots of spicy basil have been overproducing and I now have so much pesto in the freezer I can host an Italian feast and have pesto for every dish and dessert too.

The lettuce is gone, I pulled that out. And I let the dill bolt, I like the yellow flower umbels more than the culinary use. The orange mint is going strong, the oregano and marjoram too. My container garden on the deck is a success.

But it's the green bell peppers that dominate right now. I smell the distinctive sharp aroma every time I walk by the pretty caryopteris and touch its leaves.

And I pick peppers for dinner every night.

How you want your burgers -- with sliced green peppers?

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  1. It's a great year for peppers. Mine, mostly hot varieties, are having a wonderful season ... all grown either in pots or a raised bed. Sounds like you are enjoying summer. It was nice to see your friendly comment on my blog.