Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Do you see the problem with this early spring shot? I mean beside the lousy exposure.

The creeping phlox 'Fort Hill' is making a pink carpet over the top of the wall. That's nice. The stand of cheery daffodils is just going by. The yard is greening up, that's good. There is a big, lush green sedum spilling out of the wall stones near the pot. That's cool.

But do you see what's not right here?

The heart stone fell out. Plop. The heart should be upright in the wall, but it keeps tipping out and falling on the ground.

Over the years I have tried outdoor adhesive, I tried a bit of mortar, I have propped it and stuffed it and tilted it backward and it still falls out at random and sometimes oddly significant times.

The bigger issue is the poor light for my photos on an overcast spring day. The realtor's photographer came yesterday to take photos of our home for the real estate listing. He was impressed with the yard (everyone is) and took a lot of outdoor pictures in addition to photos of the rooms and features inside, but it was drizzling and dark out.

It's still early spring, so beyond some passing daffodils and some pink phlox, there isn't much to recommend the gardens right now. A full shot of the front of the house will be set against gray skies (oh, those solar panels right on the front roof -- basking in the drizzly gloom. . .  ugh).

He reassured me it will look enticing and beautiful and people will want to pay a lot of money to buy this house, just from the online photos. He's a professional. He does this all the time. His equipment was impressive. He took a ton of shots.

But between the gloomy background and the stone heart plopped out on the pavers -- my heart, really, teetering a bit at the thought of leaving -- I am so unsure.


  1. Maybe your heart needs to go with you ,fresh start with all your heart...new awesome beginnings, breathe ,let go ,begin again! Happy wishes! Ps I'm a faerie believer too ! Ask your angels too! Kind regards Barbara Ann